Hello, and welcome to scottgendel.com, the new and improved version! Before I get going on this blog in earnest, I want to tell you about some of the exciting new features here.

The single biggest change is in the organization of the site. Rather than make scottgendel.com essentially a web version of my résumé (as it was before), I’ve given every musical work its own page, on which each work will eventually (it’s coming, I swear!) have sound clips, information about the premiere, program notes, song texts, links to purchase scores or recordings, and much more. I’m so thrilled about this organizational strategy; not only will it make the site easier to navigate for visitors, but performers and audiences will be able to easily look up a rich world of information about any piece of mine that piques their interest.

The other huge change is that my self-published sheet music will now have an easy-to-navigate store, where sheet music can be purchased online and instantly delivered in PDF format to your email. This makes the sheet music buying process really easy: just add scores to your shopping cart, pay with PayPal, and the scores will be sent to your inbox, stamped with your personalized licensing information.

There’s so much else to talk about, but those are the big changes… and, of course, the wonderful visual redesign. Bonus note: the blurred sheet music behind my name is a section of my own handwritten score, from the art song “Meditation at Oyster River,” one of the last scores I painstakingly wrote by hand before switching to music notation software.

Future blog entries will likely focus on notes about my music, discussion of future projects, rants and raves, and who knows what else? Thanks for visiting!

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