Advice to Those Like Me, With Hearts Like Kindling (text: Clementine von Radics)
song for soprano and piano; 4.5′ (2015)
(commissioned by Melody Moore, soprano)

I’m Afraid It’s You (text: Wendy Cope)
song cycle for tenor and piano; 12′ (2014)
(commissioned by Brian Thorsett, tenor and the Virginia Tech School of the Performing Arts)

What We Did Not Know (text: Perry Brass)
song cycle for bass-baritone and piano; 17′ (2014)

Love Songs of Marichiko (text: Kenneth Rexroth)
13 songs for mezzo-soprano and piano; 25′ (2012)

My Songs Do Not Belong To Me (text: Sara Teasdale)
song cycle for voice and piano; 15′ (2011)

Metamorphosis (text: Daniel Neer)
for voice and harp; 4′ (2011)
(commissioned by Daniel Neer)

Facts About the Moon (text: Dorianne Laux)
for soprano, flute, cello, guitar, piano, and percussion; 11′ (2010)
(commissioned by New Music New York)

My Beloved (text: the Bible)
for unaccompanied solo voice; 3′ (2007)

The Saddest Noise (text: Emily Dickinson)
for soprano and piano; 4′ (2007)

Since I Left You (text: William Shakespeare)
for tenor, violin, guitar, and harp; 4′ (2006)
(commissioned by New Music New York)

The Space Between (text: Wendell Berry)
song cycle for high voice and piano; 20′ (2006)
(commissioned by the Lotte Lehmann Foundation)

Return and Return Again (text: James Laughlin)
for voice and piano; 6′ (2006)

Annabel Lee (text: Edgar Allen Poe)
for baritone and piano; 7′ (2005)

Shadow Songs (text: William Blake)
song cycle for soprano and violin; 10′ (2005)

Forgotten Light (text: Emily Dickinson)
song cycle for voice and piano; 17′ (2005)
(commissioned by Julia Faulkner)

GIC to HAR (text: Kenneth Rexroth)
for high voice and string quartet; 7′ (2004)
(commissioned by Mills Music Library, UW-Madison)

For Miriam (text: Kenneth Patchen)
5 love songs for voice and piano; 10′ (2004)

Songs for Marie’s Lutebook (text: Kenneth Rexroth)
for voice and guitar; 8′ (2004)

Violi Songs (text: Paul Violi)
for voice and piano; 7′ (2003)

Patterns (text: Amy Lowell)
for soprano, flute, and piano; 9′ (2003)

My Symphony (text: William Henry Channing)
for voice and piano; 3′ (2003)
(commissioned by Tamara Norden Brognano)

Player Piano (text: Randall Jarrell)
for singing actor and piano 4-hands; 5′ (2002)
(commissioned by William Farlow)

Evensong (text: William Blake)
song cycle for soprano, alto flute, 2 violins, harpsichord, and cello; 11′ (2002)

Italian Art Songs and Arias, Reimagined (text: various)
songs for high voice and piano; 18′ (2002-2013)

Spring (text: Kenneth Rexroth)
duet for two sopranos and piano; 5′ (2001)

Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves (text: Gerard Manley Hopkins)
song for soprano (or mezzo-soprano), violin, and harp; 7′ (2001)

Keats Songs (text: John Keats)
song cycle for mezzo-soprano (or tenor) and piano; 14′ (2000)

Meditation at Oyster River (text: Theodore Roethke)
song for soprano and piano; 9′ (1999)

To Wander in the Dark (text: various)
song cycle for tenor (or soprano) and piano; 18′ (1998)

DiPrima Songs (text: Diane DiPrima)
song cycle for soprano and clarinet; 12′ (1996)