We Must Be Slow

for SSA choir; 6′ (1997)
text: Kenneth Patchen

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composer’s note:

Kenneth-Patchen“We Must Be Slow” is the first choral piece I ever wrote, for the Bard College Women’s Choir and conductor Megan Hastie. I was so moved by Kenneth Patchen’s poetry that I just needed to set it to music. The piece was received well, though it was certainly an early effort on my part. Later, when I was commissioned by the Hobart & William Smith Colleges Cantori to write “All Weeping Things,” I took on this same poem again, and that setting feels much more satisfying and fully realized to me, and is one of my favorite choral settings. Still, this early SSA version of “We Must Be Slow” holds a special place in my heart for starting me on the path of choral music obsession.