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a musical in two acts, inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains (2013)
book and lyrics: Nick Lantz
8 roles plus a three-person chorus; 5 instrumentalists
(commissioned by Endstation Theatre Company)

performed by Matthew Burgos (Henry), Katie Bland (Melia), Jackie Fields / Ciji Prosser / Kelly Malone Dudley (chorus), and 5-piece band led by Scott Gendel:
“Little Rabbit” reprise (Henry), “You and I” (Melia), “The Fox and the Fish” (chorus)

performed by Christianne Roll (Melia) and Scott Gendel, piano:
“Piney River (piano version)” (Melia)

performed by Arielle Basile (Alzy):
“Is It My Fate?” (Alzy)

performed by Hilary Sutton (Cora) and Arielle Basile (Alzy):
“Oh Sister” (duet: Cora and Alzy)

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composer’s note:

1655827_416986015070526_1093084836_oI have always loved the old-time folk music of Appalachia, and since moving to Southwest Virginia a few years ago, my passion for that rich musical tradition has only deepened. Meanwhile, I spend most of my time working in the classical music, theatre, and opera worlds, which might seem quite removed from the music of the Blue Ridge. But what excites me so much about UNEARTHED is that both Nick Lantz’s incredible writing and the music I’ve created for the show manage to seamlessly combine folk traditions with musical theatre and classical traditions. It’s so exciting to put old folklore and modern artistic ideas on equal footing, to let them interact and play together.

9378732416_c5bc6d9944_kWriting for voices has long been my obsession as a composer, and in UNEARTHED I have been able, for the first time, to work with all the different vocal styles I love, from rough and unpolished folk singing, to musical theatre belting, to expansive operatic styles, to lush choral music, and nearly everything in between. As I wrote the music, it became clear to me that opera, musical theatre, and folk music are all working towards the same artistic goals: to communicate with an audience, and to tell a really good story through the power of text and music working together.

For more information about UNEARTHED, check out this interview with poet / playwright Nick Lantz:

Photos from Endstation Theatre Company‘s 2013 premiere production. Lights (and photography) by Daniel Gallagher. Sets by Krista Franco. Costumes by Katie Friedman. Directed by Kelly J.G. Bremner.

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