Time and Time Again

for string quartet; 15′ (2000)

1. Baroque
2. Classical
3. Romantic
4. Modern

mvt. 2 (“Classical”) performed by a UW-Madison student quartet:

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composer’s note:

makes_eat_timeBefore this piece was a full-length quartet, I wrote the fourth movement (“Modern”) for an assignment in graduate school, where I drew a visual pattern and translated that pattern into music. That movement for string quartet still feels dramatically motivated, but is full of strange dissonances, unusual effects, and pointillist textures. I wanted to balance the thorny texture of that movement with some other kinds of music, so I wrote this string quartet, “Time and Time Again,” in which each movement makes some reference to an era of music history. The first movement is built on imitative counterpoint in a way that recalls Baroque music. The second movement has simpler textures, and a clearer stratification between melody and harmony, in the manner of music from the Classical era. The third movement is full of wild emotional swings, taking inspiration from Romantic music. Because of all that, this string quartet’s movements are wildly different from each other, creating huge contrasts that take the listener on a journey through unexpected territory, and through time.

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string quartet III