The Vine

for 3-part men’s choir; 3′ (2006)
poetry: Robert Herrick

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composer’s note:

xTgjjoqTAI basically wrote “The Vine” on a dare from my friend Bruce. The poem, by Robert Herrick, is perhaps the filthiest poem ever written by a priest in the English language. It’s about a “vine,” but the reader quickly realizes that the “vine” is actually a metaphor for a certain part of the male anatomy that somewhat resembles a vine in shape. It’s a funny, dirty poem… so I made a funny, dirty song out of it. My setting of “The Vine” crescendos and grows stronger where Herrick’s description does the same. It becomes soft where Herrick’s description becomes… soft. I had a lot of fun writing it, and indulging my own sense of humor. I hope you enjoy it too.

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The Vine