The Singing Place

for SATB choir and piano; 5’ (2013)
poetry: Lily A. Long
(commissioned by Dr. Bruce Gladstone)

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composer’s note:

looking-down-on-earth-from-heaven-at-night“The Singing Place” is a piece that’s designed first and foremost to be fun to sing. It’s about the joy of singing, and the choir has some really fun-to-sing lines, big huge crescendos to blazing high notes, really satisfying cadential figures, and generally it’s the kind of piece that just feels good to perform. On top of that, there’s a constant modulation up a minor third that happens over and over again, so that the piece keeps rising in pitch, gaining momentum. The piano part adds rhythmic complexity and speed little by little, until it reaches a feverish pace by the climax. The whole piece follows a dramatic shape, and presents this wonderful poem by Lily A. Long with rhythmic verve and panache, but really, more than any of those things, this is a piece about singing and the joy of choral performance. It’s dedicated to my close friend and collaborator Bruce Gladstone, who bravely follows singing wherever it may lead him.

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The Singing Place