Ten Thousand Miles

arrangement for quadruple SATB choirs; 5′ (2007)
text: traditional Appalachian folk song
(commissioned by Dr. Bruce Gladstone)

performed by the UW-Madison Chorale and Madrigal Singers, dir. Bruce Gladstone:

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composer’s note:

Rainy_Blue_Ridge-27527I have long been obsessed with Appalachian folk music, the fascinating beauty of the melodies and the amazing storytelling of the lyrics. It seems magical, in a way, that as this obsession was reaching its peak in the late ’00s, my family and I moved to rural Appalachia, in Southwest Virginia. This song, to which I added the title “Ten Thousand Miles,” but which goes by many names, is a very old one, and one of my all-time favorites. When I set about arranging it for choral forces, I wanted to create something ultra-lush, something that takes this plaintive song and ramps up the emotional stakes to incredibly high levels. So this arrangement is for four individual SATB choirs, and as the piece moves along, it gets more and more hyper-romantic in its declarations, until finally at the climactic moment, we arrive at full-blown 16-part harmonies that explode with energy and wild sonic flights of fancy. My overall goal is that this kind of bombast can happily co-exist with the understated beauty of “Ten Thousand Miles,” and that my arrangement can contain both, allowing the simple & honest to coexist with the deeply emotional.

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Ten Thousand Miles