Since I Left You

for tenor, violin, guitar, and harp; 4′ (2006)
poetry: William Shakespeare
(commissioned by New Music New York)

performed by Steven Ebel, tenor and New Music New York

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note (from a review in the NATS Journal of Singing):

william-shakespeare-portrait11“‘Since I left you, mine eye is in my mind; / And that which governs me to go about / doth part his function and is partly blind … For if it see the rudest or gentlest sight, /… it shapes them to your feature: / Incapable of more, replete with you, / My most true mind that makes mine eye untrue.’ This ethereal sonnet is set to a floating vocal line that seems suspended in slow syncopation and rising repeated melodic phrases, as though unable to break through the blindness of love. Surrounding the vocal line, the three instruments create an enveloping wash of moving sound, each pursuing its own figurations that mesh perfectly with the others. The effect is that of holding the mind on a single object- that peculiar state of seeing that object in all things, superimposing the face of the beloved on everything seen. The sustained vocal line against the backdrop of the shimmering chords and movement of the instruments evokes wonder and beauty at every turn of this lovely tone poem.” –Judith Carman

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since I left you