It’s You I Like

arrangement of a song by Fred Rogers for voice and piano; 3’ (2014)
lyrics: Fred Rogers

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composer’s note:

mister-rogerss-neighborhood-fred-rogers“It’s You I Like” is one of the most beloved songs from “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and the older I get, the more I appreciate the warmth and love behind Fred Rogers’ amazing poetry. With every passing year, I think of him less as a performer on a children’s show, and more as a kind of spiritual guru. In arranging this song, I wanted to slow the song down a little, to let the loveliness of this melody really come to the forefront. So I created a fairly intricate piano part while allowing the singer to ride above at a slower pace. This allows the vocalist to deliver the words honestly and simply, while the accompaniment adds flourishes and countermelodies that comment on the text and illuminate the subtext.