It Was My Father’s Custom

for SATB choir, percussion, harp, and string orchestra; 4′ (2011)
poetry: anonymous carol
(commissioned by the Madison Youth Choirs and the Madison Symphony Orchestra)

performed (with piano reduction in place of orchestra) by the Madison Youth Choirs with Dan Lyons (piano), dir. Michael Ross:

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please contact Scott directly to inquire about purchasing the score with full orchestral parts, or with orchestral reduction for piano

composer’s note:

yulelog-fire_lgThere are many kinds of Christmas carol; “It Was My Father’s Custom” falls squarely into the “party song” category. It’s about throwing caution to the wind, lighting the “massive yule log,” and celebrating with abandon. The choir sings a catchy, folk-music inspired tune three times, each time gaining energy, singing faster and faster, until finally arriving at a joyful coda and huge ringing high notes. The whole thing is an ecstatic celebration of the Christmas season that refuses to be reined in.